Sunday, September 6, 2020


Brand your Gallery

We know many of you will be anticipating this new feature, as it has been widely requested. From the 8th of September, you will be able to brand each of your galleries with your own company logo.

When you republish your next exhibition, you will have the option to replace the new Exhibbit logo (positioned just above the menu in the gallery window) with your own branding, including the ability to make it a clickable link.

Branding is an account-wide feature that applies to all of your galleries, adding $10.00 USD per month to your subscription.

How to upload your Logo

If you would like to replace our Exhibbit logo, you are able to do so under 'MY ACCOUNT'.

We have added a new tab titled 'BRANDING'. The following three images illustrate how you can upload your own logo, or choose to remove any branding completely.

When the existing logo is removed, you can choose to add your own logo or alternatively, not to show any logo. 

During the process, you will be through the payment gateway, then the branding addition will be added to your account.


The file containing your logo must be 100 pixels high and saved as a transparent png or a non-transparent jpg file at 72 PPI (pixels per inch). The area we have allowed for the logo is quite small and is best suited for s single word logo or an abbreviation.

A few more updates ...

Moving your exhibition to another gallery of the same size is now as easy as selecting another gallery from the dropdown menu. This is useful when you have made several exhibitions in the one gallery and wish to have more than one of them online at a time.


When there is a dropout in your internet connection and the system cannot access your artwork, this image will appear. To remove this image, try refreshing your browser. If your artwork is still not appearing after you refresh, try clearing your browser's data and cookies. Once you have followed the instructions below, reload your exhibition from its published link:

On Desktop:
Hold down shift when you refresh your page

On Mobile:  
iOS: Settings/Safari/Clear Data

Android: Settings/Apps/Browser-name/Storage/ClearCache and data

When adding information to artworks, you will only need to choose your local currency once, as our system will remember the last one used. If you can't see your local currency please contact

Artworks can now be edited within the stockroom. Just click on any artwork and the edit window will appear, ready for you to add further information. 


We've updated our analytics feature so that views from exhibitions which are embedded in external websites are now included within the analytics. Here you can see visits from all countries. If you are yet to use our analytics feature, the analytics button sits beside of your exhibitions within the Gallery Manager. 

One more thing...

There is one more feature that we have just completed, which aims to save your time. 

It is a bulk uploader (CSV file) in which all artworks and their associated information (metadata) can be uploaded together in one file. On completion, the artworks are deposited into your stockroom ready to be selected for an exhibition.

If any of you are interested in beta testing this for us and are ready to create an exhibition this way, please email us at

We'll be back with another update soon and in the meantime, we hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Our Kindest Regards,

Amanda Lane and Peter Worrall
Co-Founders of Exhibbit

Monday, August 24, 2020

August 2020


A New Look


In the middle of this global disruption, people are embracing creativity - Artists, Galleries and Universities have been moving quickly to engage with a wider global audience, available virtually.

Exhibbit is expanding its capabilities. We have adjusted our User Interface, which now provides an even more streamlined and intuitive visitor path. These new changes aim to invite viewers to have an immediate engagement with the art, with minimal pop-ups and cleaner icon placement. To see these updates in your own gallery window, re-publish your current exhibitions now.

To help cater to our growing number of subscribers, we have added four new languages. You can now use Arabic, Korean, Thai and Hebrew in the gallery editorial text and the artwork information.

Our recently updated User Interface also includes access to newly added features. Find out below how to utilise them for your own galleries.

Republish your Exhibition


Minimalist Interface

Our interface for the gallery window now has a more minimal design, with a clean and functional approach. We have moved the full-screen button within the gallery window to the bottom right-hand corner. Artwork information can still be found in the top right hand corner, but with a new design.

How to Move

When you enter an exhibition, the first prompt you see will be an instruction panel, detailing how to move through the gallery space. This panel can also be accessed at any time from the Menu on the left-hand side of the gallery window.

Menu Updates

After closing the 'How to Move' panel, the Menu Bar icons will stay present until the viewer makes their next click, which will then hide all menu labels.


The Catalogue

Our catalogue now resides slightly lower in the exhibition window. The bar has been made shorter, to ensure the gallery window is kept as clean as possible, yet functional. This bar can be toggled on and off by clicking the catalogue icon to its left.


Newly Added Features

Past Exhibitions 

The back arrow on our menu allows access to past exhibitions that you have made in your currently subscribed galleries.

When a viewer selects PAST EXHIBITIONS, it will present them with a directory page of your galleries exhibitions. Once selected, the exhibition chosen will begin to load within the same gallery window.

To purchase this feature, please send a request to You are able to add up to five past exhibitions to each of your galleries for 50% of their subscription price.

Current Exhibitions 

If you are subscribed to multiple galleries, we have now included the option to showcase their current exhibitions within one gallery window. The plus icon on the menu will give viewers access to all of your currently published exhibitions.

This feature is your own private directory within the Exhibbit gallery window. It streamlines the flow between individual galleries, and is especially useful if you have one exhibition divided between two or more galleries.

To enable the CURRENT EXHIBITIONS feature in your gallery window, select the pencil edit icon beside each of your subscribed galleries. Once there, select to enable MULTI-GALLERY ACCESS for both Desktop and Mobile viewers.




Updated Mobile Flow

We have resolved a software issue in which some visitors using our Mobile App were taken to the wrong exhibition. This flow is now corrected, and will not occur again. Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you and your viewers. Once you have installed the Exhibbit App, it will now re-open with the last exhibition you visited.

Thank you for being here...

Over the past three months, our diverse range of clients have taught us a great deal. From Universities and Schools, to Museums, Non-Profit Organisations and Galleries, we have gained many new perspectives and received fantastic feedback that will be utilised to improve our product.

It has been wonderful to create and build an online venue that others find great value in. One which is accessible to many, even under such uncertain circumstances.

We are continuing to work away on new updates to improve Exhibbit. In the meantime, if you have any feedback or questions for our team, please contact us at

Our Kindest Regards,
Amanda Lane and Peter Worrall
Co-Founders of Exhibbit

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Looking Better than Ever 

        Exhibition courtesy of Elizabeth XI Bauer - London, UK

New Release


If you've visited an Exhibbit exhibition recently you may have noticed that all artworks now appear in high resolution, all of the time.

This is a major improvement which removes the need to click on an artwork to load the hi-resolution version, creating a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

UI Updates


At the end of the gallery introduction, OPEN has been replaced by ENTER which we feel is more fitting, as you are in fact, 'entering' a room, not 'opening' a page.

You're no longer limited to 'BUY' as a button  label for linking e-commerce pages, now you can compose your own label with up to 27 characters. The new label is added to the dropdown list along with BUY, so you can assign it to other works in the exhibition.


Mobile Updates


Our iOS and Android apps have had updates to the navigation, UI and the Firebase back-linking system.
We are also pleased to let you know that the loading time for a gallery is now 20% faster.

The navigation has been improved with better handling around small artworks.
We have resolved the tendency when close to an artwork, for your position to drift. Now you can quickly set up a stable view for using with INVITE, or the opening shot for recording a marketing video of your virtual gallery.

Install our new Exhibbit mobile App

Experience the immmersive 3D Gallery on your phone or tablet.


Firebase back-linking is the system that remembers the exhibition you selected and opens it after installing the Exhibbit app. We have updated this system and fixed the issue that randomly opened the wrong gallery.

If you have had this problem, clear your mobile browser's cache before installing the updated Exhibbit app.

Fixes to Desktop Issues


A few people using the Chrome Browser have experienced a black screen when they pressed OPEN/ENTER.
This can be solved by opening:
Chrome/Preferences/Advanced /System and switching on 'Use hardware acceleration'.
You will need to restart the browser for this to take effect.

Next month we'll be back with some new ways to customise your virtual spaces.

Until then,

happy curating,

Amanda Lane and Peter Worrall

Amanda Lane

Peter Worrall