Monday, November 25, 2019

Introducing 'The Grid'

We've added a new tool for accurately positioning diptychs, triptychs and grouped works.


To use 'The Grid' first drag your artworks onto the wall, then select fullscreen on the browser window. Green button = fullscreen


This will enable the new 'Zoom wall' to expand to the largest size your computer can display, giving you greater control over the positioning of each artwork.



Begin by clicking on the 'Zoom wall' magnifying icon.

'The Grid' is turned on by default and can be toggled off to review progress.


Images courtesy Torosiete Museum and Gallery 

Useful Tips


When using 'The Grid' do not use the 'cmd+' command on your keyboard to zoom in further, as this will give inaccurate results.

'Pin Artworks to Eyeline' only affects images dragged onto or repositioned on a wall when it is ticked on.



Interested to try 'The Grid' ?



This is our first version of 'The Grid', and the measurements are only in metric, but it's a good start, and we'd love to know what you think so far.

Next month, we have some more exciting developments to announce, so keep an eye out for details in our December newsletter.

In the meantime, happy curating.

How do you currently present archived exhibitions?

One of the main reasons why people visit Art Gallery websites is to educate themselves. This is an opportunity for you to provide a contextual experience in addition to your past exhibition editorial and photographs.

Past exhibitions are accessed from the MORE EXHIBITIONS button, located on the menu.


Standard Archive Directory

MORE EXHIBITIONS pops up a directory over the current page.

Click the 'VIEW' button on the exhibition you'd like to visit.

When there are more than two exhibitions, the directory becomes scrollable.

Custom made Archive Directory


There is also the option of placing your past exhibitions directory on it's own page of your website as shown here.

We can work with your developers to create a customised directory page for viewing archived exhibitions.

Add up to four previously published exhibitions for half of your gallery's monthly subscription.

For archiving larger numbers we have a tiered pricing system available on request.


More than just a photographic record, Exhibbit archived exhibitions are experienced just as the curator intended, contact us and have archive added to your account today.


Useful Tip

Wherever you click on the screen becomes the centre of your view.


Image courtesy Rebekah Jacob Gallery 


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Preparing Ahead

with your virtual gallery


While your current exhibition is being showcased,
you can prepare the next one offline

To do this, select the 'new exhibition' button and start hanging the show by uploading artwork files, or adding already uploaded artworks from your stockroom.

When the exhibition is complete, you can publish immediately or schedule it to replace the current exhibition in the future.

Set and Forget


Using Exhibbit's publishing tools you can schedule new exhibitions to open on the date(s) you have chosen.

As artworks sell they can be marked with a red dot and the exhibition republished to reflect the new status.

Galleries embedded in your website will automatically update with a new exhibition on the opening date set, leaving you free to do other things.

Warm regards

Peter Worrall and Amanda Lane


Amanda Lane

Peter Worrall

* Image of virtual Gallery courtesy of Ben Uri Gallery and Museum

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Power of an Invitation

With our updated INVITE tool, you and your visitors can now share exhibitions with multiple people, straight from your Exhibbit gallery


INVITE captures an image of your current gallery position and places it below your composed message, ready to email or post on social media.
Your visitors will enjoy using invite too, let them know they have an easy way to share and discuss artworks.


To make an invitation, move around the gallery and choose a view you like, select INVITE from the menu, then share to email or social media.


To feature a specific artwork, click or tap on the artwork, then select INVITE from the artwork dropdown and share to email or social media. 

Three Ways to Support your Exhibitions

Before any exhibition opening in your bricks and mortar gallery send a preview, with just a few artworks from the exhibition using INVITE.

After the opening night, hang the full exhibition and email interested people an INVITE. People who came to the physical opening can then re-connect and immerse themselves within the exhibition experience and revisit the artworks they liked. 

During the exhibition, use INVITE to feature specific artworks.

If you know a collector is interested in a work, send them an artwork specific invite. After opening the gallery link, they are placed directly in front of the artwork of interest.

Now you can send multiple exhibition invites, saving valuable time...
Pop over to and see how


Thank you for trusting us by choosing Exhibbit to present your wonderful artists and their exhibitions, and our best to you all for successfully marketing your virtual galleries.

We're working on some exciting new tools and will be back soon to tell you all about them. In the meantime, our updated INVITE is ready to use.

Warm regards

Peter Worrall and Amanda Lane


Amanda Lane

Peter Worrall

* Image of artworks by Douglas Aargard courtesy of Meyer Gallery

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

What is a 3D Pop-Up Gallery 

 and why you should have one  


Pop-Ups are self-contained virtual galleries that don't require a website.
Everything you need to show and market your exhibitions online is here in a single package that you can share simply with a link, via email and social media. 


Similar to a real exhibition; visitors to Exhibbit galleries feel they have arrived 'somewhere', as they can move seamlessly through the room engaging with the artwork. They are able to view the collection from anywhere in the gallery, access information, make enquiries and have the option to purchase.


Reach your audience wherever they are

Virtual Pop-Ups are viewed on computers and both mobile platforms. Exhibitions are accessed from an email invite or social media post and can be password protected.

Install our Apple app

Install our Android app 

Invite people to your exhibition


The INVITE tool (pictured below) captures an image from your current position in the gallery and places it below your message, ready to send by email or social media.

The immersive nature of a 3D gallery engages people in a distraction-free environment, allowing them to focus on the art.

This experience can foster the first step in your relationship with a collector, or further the progress of a sale. These are two great reasons for having an Exhibbit virtual gallery, either as a Pop-Up or embedded in your website.


Try a virtual gallery for 7 days

All you need to do is curate the space and invite people; we'll look after everything else.

Peter Worrall and Amanda Lane


Amanda Lane

Peter Worrall

* Image of artworks by Henk van Vessem courtesy of Van Mourik Art Promotion